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All the Chinese custom assembly machine designs will be our suppliers, we will choose the best one in each field. Through it, we can also get the newest, best information and technology through cooperation. We can choose an experience factory to work with us to save the risk.


Why Choose Hotlink

We can get more than 3 quotations and compare the technology to the different ones and choose the best one. We can also make 2 or 3 factories to work together to make one project finish.


Our Advantage

We have the capability to support you wherever you are in the world, as our engineers have the experience to go overseas. What is more, if you think our quotation is more than your target price, you can stop in the estimation part and do not need to pay anything.

About Us

About Us

As one of assembly machine builders, hotlink established itself in 2011, boasting over 5 assembly machine designers. Our 3D generator brings ideas to life. We collaborate with more than 10 Chinese factories, ensuring customers have 2-3 choices to meet their needs. Furthermore, we maintain partnerships with Taiwan factories to produce machine parts.

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Assembly Machine Industry

We supplied an automated assembly machine and custom assembly machine services in every industry. During our 10 years of development, we have utilized our technology, knowledge, and systems to successfully fulfill our customers’ requirements. We work in simple assembly machine designs, the complex producing line to help our customers to produce in higher and quicker, and better ways. Hotlink specializes in providing a high-speed assembly machine, an auto assembly machine, a multi-station assembly machine, and a custom assembly machine to lower the rate of using manual labor. Over the years, as one of the assembly machine builders, we have supplied many automatic assembly machines to service in our customer factory. Our automatic assembly machine aims to save labors cost and raise accuracy and have a better effect on the product.

From idea to reality, the experience you can trust

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Custom Assembly Machine FAQ

Machine Service Supplier FAQ

Will there be a detailed description of automated assembly machines in the contract ?

It will be done according to your demand, we can list the brand of accessories, and the speed of the machine, and guarantee of machine

What will the contract for the automated assembly machine look like?

The assembly machine is customized, and the auto assembly machine will design to your demand.

What is a guarantee for automated assembly machines?

1-year guarantee, we will also prepare videos for you to use and repair machines

What will be written in the contract ?

The payment, the guarantee, the port, and both company information and custom assembly machine description and bank details.

How long can delivery?

Small machine is 10days, customized machine needs 2-3months

What are our advantages?
What are our advantages?
Assembly Line Machines
We specialize in providing efficient assembly machine assembly line solutions.
Our core areas include supply custom assembly machine, automated assembly machine, high-speed assembly machine, and multi-station assembly machine.
By adopting advanced assembly production technology, we are able to design and build customized assembly machine assembly lines to meet the specific needs of customers.
Our automated assembly machine dramatically increase productivity and accuracy, reduce human error, and enable greater levels of consistency and quality control.
Professional Team
Our engineering team has rich experience and professional knowledge, able to provide customers with all-around support.
They will develop the best-automated assembly machine solution according to customer requirements and product characteristics.
Our assembly line machines and automatic assembly machines can be flexibly adapted to different product types and specifications, resulting in a highly reliable assembly process.
Custom Assembly Machine
Whether it is a simple assembly task or a complex assembly process, our assembly line machines can meet your requirements.
If you are looking for advanced assembly equipment assembly line solutions, whether it is an automated assembly or custom assembly machine, we can provide you with professional services and technical support.
Please contact us, let us discuss your needs, and tailor the best solution for you.