Who are we?

We are an assembly line equipment manufacturer based in China. As one of the assembly machine builders in China, we have rich experience and expertise in the field of assembly machinery. Our team consists of experienced engineers and technical experts, with advanced manufacturing facilities and technology. At the same time, according to the needs of customers, we can custom assembly equipment to meet the needs of different industries and applications. We expect to establish a long-term partnership with customers and provide comprehensive after-sales support and technical services.


Become the preferred partner trusted by customers. Explore and apply new technologies in the assembly automation machine. Meet customer expectations by providing excellent assembly line equipment.


Provide customers with high-quality assembly line equipment, customized solutions, and after-sales maintenance services to help customers improve production efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

Assembly Line

Equipment Manufacturer


Founded in 2011, Hotlink established its brand and reputation by manufacturing common electronic products in the early days. Over time, the company gradually expanded its business scope and began to focus on and invest in more assembly line equipment fields and technologies, which makes us a diversified enterprise. Since its establishment, Hotlink has focused on improving its own technical capabilities and production capabilities. We always adhere to the principle of quality first and customer first, and provide customers with high-quality products and professional services. As a growing enterprise, we will continue to devote ourselves to innovation and development in the future, to continuously expand our business areas, and to create greater value for our customers.

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Assembly Line Equipment Company Have Seven Departments

  • Reception department: Responsible for accepting the needs of customers and communicating the needs of customers to the evaluation department, playing a communication role.
  • Pr-assessment department: Responsible for understanding the needs of customers, studying the feasibility and the requirements, and then giving feedback to the reception department.
  • Mid-term design department: After the evaluation, the design department begins to design simple drawings and 3D drawings, and download them to the operation department.
  • Operation department: Distribute to the parts production department and purchasing department for processing according to the drawings, and assemble after all the accessories are complete.
  • Purchasing department: Purchasing large-scale accessories, brand accessories, and customized accessories, so as to seamlessly connect with the operation department.
  • Testing department: Test the automated assembly machines according to the customer’s samples and requirements. Packing department: take pictures and pack according to customer requirements.
  • After-sales department: Responsible for preparing all the videos and shipping materials, and at the same time notifying the reception department about the situation of the machine.

Assembly Line Equipment Production Process


Opportunity Evaluation

We evaluate projects from our customers and consider whether we can help our clients produce, process, test, and pack their products faster, safer, more efficient, and less expensive than their current processes.


Machine Proposal

After gathering all the necessary information, our mechanical engineering team drafts a machine concept accompanied by an official project proposal, including machine pricing and delivery timeline is submitted.


Project Launch

Each project is assigned a lead engineer and a dedicated team. A meeting is held to ensure all the fine details are understood before making the machine.


Assembly Line Equipment Design And Production

The design and time to manufacture depend on the complexity of the project, we will inform customers about the processing from time to time.


Testing Before Shipment

Our assembly machines test and analyze before delivery. We will put customer samples into the machine and test the machines and send the finished product to the customer for the final check. We also accept the third part QC inspection company to us to check the machine function.


The importance of assembly line equipment?
The rationality and maintainability of assembly line equipment are very important.
When we repair assembly line equipment, we make maintenance and repair work easier, through assembled structures, reducing downtime and repair costs.
Assembly line equipment also offers the possibility of customization and diverse production.
Assembly line equipment plays an important role in modern manufacturing.
What is assembly line equipment?
Assembly line equipment is a necessary manufacturing process. It involves assembly of various parts and components together to form a complete mechanical device.
This process requires experienced technicians and high-quality assembly equipment.
As an assembly line equipment manufacturer, our team selects and installs each component according to design drawings and specification requirements.
They use specialized tools and equipment.
To ensure the proper functioning and efficient performance of machinery.
They are also responsible for quality control and inspection to ensure that the final mechanical equipment meets quality standards and customer needs.
Custom assembly equipment is an integral part of the process of assembly line equipment.
These include various specialized tools, fixtures, and testing equipment.
To support and help a smooth assembly process.
They increase productivity, ensure assembly accuracy and consistency, and human error.
In short, assembly line equipment is a complex and important job.
Through cooperative efforts, technicians, assembly line equipment manufacturers, and assembly equipment work together.To produce high-quality, reliable machinery and equipment.To meet the needs of various industries.

We are a professional manufacturer of automated assembly line equipment, committed to providing efficient and reliable assembly solutions.Our assembly machines include automated assembly line equipment, custom assembly line equipment, high-speed assembly machine, multi-station assembly machine, etc.With advanced technology and rich experience, we can customize the best assembly line equipment according to the needs of customers.Our assembly line equipment features a high degree of automation, which enables a fast and precise assembly process, improving production efficiency and quality.Our assembly automation machine adopts an advanced control system and machine vision technology to ensure the accuracy and stability of the assembly.As a leading manufacturer of automated assembly line equipment, we want to provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services to help them optimize and improve their production processes.

In conclusion

We have worked on several projects and if you wish you can send us your ideas or known parameters of your machine.So our team can be ready to discuss functional specifications. We will customize the most suitable plan for you according to your needs.If you would like to inquire about information, please get in touch with us by email.